Disadvantaged Pupils Strategy

At The Evolve Trust we recognise the importance of ensuring all pupils, whatever their background or circumstance, are provided with a top quality education. This ensures that all pupils are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed and enjoy life

Supporting all our pupils is paramount, especially those who are deemed to be disadvantaged. Within all classrooms we insist on a clear focus on differentiation to ensure that all pupils are appropriately stretched and challenged to close any potential achievement gap. All staff are entitled to a programme of training that allows them to continually expand and experiment with a full range of teaching strategies and techniques to enhance their pedagogic repertoire. The impact is tracked and monitored and borne out in pupil progression within the classroom.

In addition to the core offer of Professional Learning at the Evolve Trust, we also conduct a supportive and appropriately challenging Pupil Premium Reviews based on DFE best practice guidance. These happen annually and as a result focused action plans are created. These incisive plans form part of crucial school improvement documentation to ensure that no child is left behind and all needs are catered for.

As a Trust, closing the attainment gap for ALL children from poor families means:

  • Having strong visionary leadership
  • Rigorously monitoring pupil data
  • Good parental engagement
  • Developing high aspirations
  • Supporting school transition
  • Addressing social and emotional competencies.

As a trust we are relentless in this aim. We have a resolute focus on the following:

  • Ring fence PP funding
  • Draw on research evidence of what works and also reflect ourselves on what has and hasn’t worked well in the past
  • Allocate the best teachers to intervention groups
  • Train support staff
  • Provide pupils with clear feedback
  • Ensure all teachers know which pupils are eligible for funding
  • Provide support for attendance
  • Involve governors and rigorously monitor and evaluate impact.