Education Research

The Trust believes and invests in cutting edge research to ensure that we stay at the forefront of Education, with some of our programmes being: –

1.Fellowship Programme:

The Evolve Trust firmly believes in the investment of all staff at all levels. Every member of staff within the Trust has the opportunity to grow, flourish and enhance their practice through bespoke professional learning pathways. As a trust we are passionate about action research that can inform practice which in turn impacts on pupils. At trust level we have an extensive research library in which all staff have access too. This year the library has been fundamental in launching the Evolve trusts Fellowship Programme

The Programme has been developed to:

  • Champion creative and innovative practice in the classroom.
  • Enhance learning and outcomes for pupils by the dissemination of good practice across the Trust through action research.
  • Recognise, support and celebrate excellence in teaching for learning.
  • Strengthen the implementation of the Evolve Trust’s ‘Teaching and Learning’ strategy.

We are taking the lead with this to ensure that The Evolve Trust Academies are providers of outstanding education; creating an inspiring, opportunity-rich environment for young people and staff. We want our staff to be creative in the classroom, and ultimately make a difference to our pupil’s lives. The fellowship programme allows participants to engage with an action research project for two terms.

2.DfE Research Project on reducing workload in collaboration with the MTA

Workload involving marking is a significant reason for many teachers leaving the profession and therefore poses a threat to the outcomes achieved by young people in our schools. Ensuring that marking is meaningful, manageable and motivating would make an important contribution to attracting and retaining talented teachers and using their time effectively to make a positive impact on the lives of the children we serve. We believe that over time a number of cultural expectations and habits have developed relating to what makes effective marking which, in some cases, have had a detrimental impact on the workload of teachers without having discernible benefits on the progress of children.

As educational professionals we believe this is therefore an opportunity to reassess the principles of what make effective marking and (perhaps more importantly) the way that this is put into practice by teachers. This project would enable us to investigate, rigorously and robustly, current perceptions and practice linked to marking, the impact that current and potential strategies actually have, and therefore identify the most efficient and effective approaches to take.

We anticipate that the findings of our project will support the findings of other projects investigating planning and resources and data management.

3.Nottingham University Research Project #WhatMatters

The Evolve Trust continues to branch out and collaborate with educational partners and we see the expertise within Further and higher education key to further success. Nottingham University is leading the way this academic year with the #whatmatters project and we aim to contribute and lead the way with them to explore ‘cutting edge’ pedagogical educational practices that can infiltrate our classrooms and inform the approach of all our staff.