Professional Learning

It is accepted globally that ‘the quality of teaching is the most crucial “in-school” factor in raising the level of pupils’ achievement and furthering their educational progress’. Essentially, a school is only as good or as great as its teachers. At the Evolve Trust, we aim to ensure professional learning is sustained at all levels by ensuring that a coherent system of career-long teacher professional learning is developed to support teachers to lead both self and school improvement. Our aim for professional learning is to empower our teaching staff so to strengthen its professionalism and expertise to meet the challenging educational needs of young people in the 21st century. The core offer within the Evolve Trust provides all academies with a structured framework for teacher professional learning, bespoke pathways which develop the leadership capacity of teachers; and we also provide enriching opportunities for practice-led support within communities of effective practice. All teaching staff within the Trust have access to a suite of bespoke professional learning pathways: