Governance and Scheme of Delegation

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Governance Structure

This section provides a brief overview of our Governance arrangements. The Evolve Trust a charitable company limited by guarantee.  The Evolve Trust has two layers of governance: The Members of the Trust, who are akin to shareholders, are the subscribers to its memorandum of association,... more

Meet our Members and Trustees

Evolve Members Evolve Trustees... more

Scheme of Delegation

The purpose of these documents are to enable all parties to recognise the powers and functions of specific groups regarding the main areas of business and the types of decisions to be taken annually and informs the remit that committees will undertake each year. Scheme of delegation introduction ... more

Register of Business Interests

Register of Trustee Business Interests Register of Trustee, Members and Scrutiny Board Business Interests 2018 - 2019 Register of Trustee Business Interests Register of Trustee Business Interests 2017 - 2018 Register of Trustee Business Interests Register of Directors Business Interests... more

Become a Member, Trustee or Governor

Board members and Trustees are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards. If you are interested in becoming a member, trustee or scrutiny board member please contact Dawn Pare, email address: .... more

Board Meeting Minutes

For copies of Board Meeting minutes, please contact Barbara Sims, Finance Director ( more