Governance Structure

This section provides a brief overview of our Governance arrangements.

The Evolve Trust a charitable company limited by guarantee. 

The Evolve Trust has two layers of governance:

  • The Members of the Trust, who are akin to shareholders, are the subscribers to its memorandum of association, and any other individuals permitted under its charitable articles of association. Members have a limited financial liability to the trust in the event it is wound up and have the power to appoint and remove trustees; and
  • The trustees, who are also directors of the charitable company, are responsible for the three core strategic governance functions:
    • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
    • Holding the CEO and Executive Team to account for the educational performance of the Trust and its pupils and the performance management of staff
    • Overseeing the financial performance of the Trust and making sure its money is well spent

The trustees/directors are responsible for ensuring the charitable company achieves its objectives, as well as compliance with charity and company law and the academy trust’s funding agreement.

The Evolve Trust is also a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) which is a single legal entity with its board of trustees is accountable for a number of academies in its chain. The academies in the Evolve Trust family are:

• The Brunts Academy – an 11-18 school
• The Beech Academy – an 11-19 special school
• The Bramble Academy – a 3-11 school

This means that an additional layer of governance is possible through the delegation of governance functions to scrutiny boards with representatives from each academy and trust board. The diagram below demonstrates this structure: