Staff Handbook

What you can expect from us:

References in this handbook to ‘School’, ‘Academy’, ‘us’ or ‘we’ meaning your employment at your substantive academy which is part of The Evolve Trust and should be interpreted accordingly. 

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Induction and Training



What we can expect from you:

We expect you to familiarise yourself with the Trusts policies, practices and procedures outlined and those on your Academy Portal, and any additional policies and procedures distributed by and specific to your Academy.

Working rules exist for very good reasons – quite often to do with your safety and the safety of others, including students. You should get to know these within your academy and most importantly, observe them. If you have any further questions regarding site rules, please speak directly to your Headteacher.

Continuing Professional Development 

Performance Management

Staff Dress Code

Staff Behaviour Policy (Employee Code of Conduct)

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

All of our academies are no smoking sites (including all forms of E cigarettes) at all times.  

Conditions of Employment:

It is important that you read and understand the official Terms and Conditions of your employment set out in your letter of appointment and in your Contract of Employment. In the event of any conflict between them and this handbook, your Contract of Employment prevails.

The Evolve Trust Staff Handbook contains principal subject areas, which you are expected to comply with during your career with us. In some sections, you will be referred to the schools Staff Portal which sets out our policies and standards in detail. You should ensure that you access this information on an ongoing basis to keep up to date with any changes made, or speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team or the Trust HR Team if you have any questions. By signing your contract of employment you will be deemed to have accepted the policies, practices and procedures as set down by the Trust in this handbook and on the Portal.

Payment of Salary and Deductions from Salary

School Holidays 

Bank Holidays

Hours of Work

Working time regulations

Sickness Absence and other Types of Leave:

A high level of absence from colleagues (whether planned/unplanned/short term/long term) increases the workload and stress of staff in general. This has a consequent effect on staff motivation and goodwill. If staff absence is low, students benefit from continuity in learning, teaching and support.

An attendance procedure provides a framework in which to explore the reasons for staff absence and to determine strategies to prevent absence through continuing to support staff, providing clear guidance and minimising the effects of absence on the continuity of students’ education.

Absence Notification and Certification

Sickness Absence Pay

Medical Appointments 

Compassionate Leave


For further information relating to these policies, click on the link to download. If you have any queries please contact your Headteacher of a member of the HR Team.

Employment Related Policies

Family Friendly Policies