Absence Notification and Certification

All staff need to be aware of the Managing Attendance Policy.

Staff unable to attend work must give as much notice as possible in order for cover to be arranged and reduce the impact on provision of service.

A named contact within the school, must receive the call NO LATER THAN 7.30am on each day of absence unless covered by a ‘fit note’ previously notified to the Headteacher.

The following details need to be given:

  • reason for absence (specify the type of illness)
  • date the illness commenced
  • expected length of absence
  • whether the illness/injury is due to an accident at work

Text messages, e-mail or messages left on the school voice mail are not acceptable as they will not be received in time to make appropriate alternative staffing arrangements.

In addition all staff should also contact their line manager and give an indication of the planned work for the day.

On returning to work, if the absence has been:

  • Less than 7 calendar days – complete a return to work interview with your line manager.
  • More than 7 calendar days – If a ‘fit note’ has been issued a return to work interview will be conducted by either your line manager, a member of the senior leadership team in your school or a member of the HR Team.

It is the Trust’s policy to attempt to maintain contact with the employee who is absent from work due to ill health. This may be by telephone, letter or a home visit.

The school will confidentially record and hold records of sickness absence of all staff. Individual records will be updated after each absence and reviewed on a regular basis. The trends, not names, are reported to the Directors/Governors each term.

Any member of staff who consistently fails to follow the absence reporting procedure or does not report absence at all, will be dealt with in line with the disciplinary policy as a conduct issue.

If you are running late, please notify as above, but also on arrival at school in order to cancel any cover arrangements which have been established.

If during the day a member of staff has to leave work unexpectedly, the Headteacher or a member of the Trust HR team should be informed.  Either they or the member of staff then needs to notify the person responsible for arranging cover in order for the cover to be established.

If a member of staff has permission to leave the site before the end of the school day it is important to use the signing out system INVENTRY which is located in the academy reception. This is to save time being wasted in looking for someone on a large campus in case of an emergency.