Other Leave 

The Trust understands that from time to time emergency situations arise which means staff either cannot attend work or need to leave during the day. Correct reporting of this means that cover can be arranged to ensure that there is either no impact or a reduction of impact on provision of service. Emergency compassionate leave may not always be with pay.

For full policy details please refer to the Staff Annual Leave and Leave of Absence Policy.

Medical Appointments

You must obtain prior permission from your Headteacher before you attend any doctors, dentist or hospital appointments during you working day. In order to minimize the impact on school, you are asked wherever possible, to arrange non-emergency medical appointments outside of your working hours. However, if this is not possible, you should talk to the headteacher or a member of the Trust HR team about a mutually agreeable way of managing this absence. This may include making up hours, unpaid time off or using holiday entitlement (if applicable). You may be asked to complete an absence request form.

Emergency Compassionate Leave

Emergency Compassionate leave for the following reasons will normally be granted as one day's leave with pay:

  • To care for dependents in the event of illness.  Employees will be expected to make every effort to make speedy arrangements so that they can fulfill their work commitments as soon as possible.
  • Vehicle theft
  • Vehicle accident
  • Burglary
  • Emergency repairs to home or services arising from or to avoid flooding or fire.

In such circumstances please contact the HR Team or your Headteacher before 7.30am to ensure appropriate cover for your role can be arranged.

On every occasion it is essential that work is set by the class teacher or in emergencies the Headteacher or your Director of Learning is informed of the problem.

Your academy will confidentially record and hold records of compassionate leave for all staff.  Individual records will be updated after each absence and reviewed on a regular basis. The trends, not names, are reported to the Directors/Governors each term.  Please be advised that during the first 5 days pay is discretionary and dependent upon individual circumstances.

Non-emergency Compassionate Leave

Requests for non-emergency compassionate leave should be made in writing to the CEO or Headteacher via an Absence Request Form. An agreed entitlement of up to 5 days per rolling year, not a calendar or academic year, may be granted for the following reasons:

  • To attend the funeral of a relative.
  • To move house.
  • Dependant medical appointments. (It is anticipated that every effort is made to have the appointment out of school time or in the holidays however, the trust appreciates this is not always possible).

Other requests for leave without pay may be considered. These would include activities such as:

  • To attend interviews for new posts.  As a courtesy to the academy, you will be expected to make the Headteacher aware of this prior to the interview day to ensure that an appropriate reference is sent and the content of this can be discussed.
  • To attend a non-work related course, examination training or appropriate professional examinations. Leave will not be given for preparation.

Further reasons may be considered as listed in Appendix 1 of Staff Annual Leave and Leave of Absence Policy.

Requests for compassionate leave over the agreed entitlement of 5 days may be granted without pay.