Performance Management

1. Active participation with CPD: The Evolve Trust believes that all staff should be involved in a continuing process of improvement. Each Academy is committed to fostering a positive ethos of continuous learning. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which a school is able to motivate and develop its staff community. This development takes place at a number of levels: individual, team, whole school and through wider networks.

The Trust believes that a carefully planned programme of CPD improves standards, teaching and learning, raises morale and assists with recruitment, retention and succession planning.

All those involved in the Evolve Trust shall have an entitlement to equality of access to high-quality induction and continuing development.

All forms of professional development will be based on the following principles:
  • all staff should be encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes to enhance their professional work;
  • opportunities for sharing good practice across The Evolve Trust will be investigated;
  • all staff will have regular opportunities to discuss their development needs and professional aspirations;
  • all staff have a responsibility to participate in Academy focused CPD and personal career development.

2. Active engagement with Performance Management: A key focus for the Evolve Trust teacher is to ensure a collaborative and support appraisal system is in place that is matched to professional standards and career aspirations. A thorough and robust mechanism is in place to ensure this process is challenging allied with being supportive to ensure aspirational targets are met and outcomes in the classroom improve. We also believe this is the vehicle for staff to align their own personal professional learning journeys to and seek the necessary pathways to secure practitioner improvement.

3. Pupil work and progress reviews: The wider context of ensuring quality teaching and learning is supporting pupils to achieve encompasses a rigorous process of quality assurance which is seen as a monitoring but developmental tool for leaders to triangulate judgements on the quality of teaching and learning and the matched data being the same. This also allows our teachers to act upon feedback and amend planning, delivery and Marking & Assessment so high standards at met and sustained.

4. Pupil Progress: Ensuring our pupils make the expected, if not accelerated progress is paramount to ensuring all children in our care increase their potential and improve their life chances. We want our staff to do the very best to perform at the highest level possible as practitioners, be immersed in innovative teaching practices which inform delivery in lessons and ultimately give our pupils the best diet of teaching possible to improve outcomes in the classroom. A rigorous but appropriate assessment schedule is in place in all of our academies and pupil progress linked to the appraisal is reviewed within the cycle to ensure a collaborative approach to raising standards in the classroom.

5. Lesson observations: A developmental tool used across the Trust is the use of lesson observations. Within the union 3 hour guidelines, Head Teachers, the CEO and the Director for School Improvement may conduct lesson observations to quality assure teaching and learning across the academies; provide developmental targets to teachers to allow a continuous cycle of practitioner improvement and encourage a two way dialogue between the teacher and the observer which links to the performance management process.

6. Professional respect for deadlines: Systems and process are key aspects of all academies and we are proud on our effectiveness and efficiency that our staff place on ensuring deadlines are met. This professional curtesy allows our senior leaders, middle leaders, teachers, administrative support assistants and system managers to work collaboratively to continue to take the Academies forward at an appropriate pace without the disruption of hold ups when deadlines are not met.

7. Wider academy contribution: As a Multi Academy Trust who is keen to celebrate the successes of our staff and share their expertise, the performance management documentation allows teachers to formally document their ability to not only do what is expected of them in accordance with the teacher standards, but also excel as practitioners. Within these 7 strands, staff can not only meet expectations but excel within them and use this as a vehicle to share across their dept/phase/year/Academy and Trust which is something which is taken in to account for the appraisal process and potential applications for promotions in the coming year. This may also be a vehicle to support our staff with potential secondments across the Trust as developmental strategies to continue their wider development as teachers and leaders.

The 7 steps of the Evolve Trust teacher allied with the teacher standards are shown below:

These seven principles are embedded within the core teacher standards and The Evolve Trust believes this transparent and honest approach will allow teachers to flourish and accelerate pedagogic approaches. We expect all our staff to fully engage with the teacher professional cycle and be aligned to our vision “to open minds, creating opportunities for all to believe in themselves and develop the skills needed to succeed and enjoy life”