Payment of Salary

All details of your pay are specified in you contract of employment / letter of appointment. Whilst your performance will be regularly reviewed, these reviews do not automatically guarantee an improvement or increase in your current pay and benefits. The Trust recognizes successful performance through a variety of recognition mechanisms.

You are reminded that you have a responsibility to check your payslip and inform the appropriate person immediately should there be any anomalies.

Deductions from Salary

The school reserves the right to deduct from salary any day’s absence deemed to be unauthorised and/or above compassionate allowance.

All deductions are at the discretion of the CEO, Headteacher and/or Governors/Directors.

Hours of Work

Details of your working hours are set out in your Contract of Employment. You do not have the right to payment of salary for unauthorized non-attendance during hours of work.

Dependent upon the needs of the school at the time, the school may change your hours of work following reasonable consultation and notice.

Certain job roles may require your attendance during school holidays.

The Trust takes a serious view of persistent lateness and poor time keeping. Such behavior may lead to disciplinary action.

The school day within our current academies is:

The Brunts Academy School Day  The Beech Academy School Day  The Bramble Academy School Day

Working Time Regulations

The Trust recognises the need for appropriate rest breaks and annual leave and will comply with the Working Time Regulations 1998 (Amended 2007). For further information on the current Working Time Regulations, please contact a member of the Trust HR Team.

It is essential that you are punctual for work at all times. You are expected to be ready to commence work by your agreed start time and must always gain prior permission from the Headteacher / HR Team if you wish to alter your working hours on any given day to attend appointments etc.