w/e 13th March 2020

A big thank you to Richard Fuller, Member of the Evolve Trust, in welcoming members of the Trust Exec Team who visited County Batteries on the 13th March to learn from their Lean manufacturing experience. Wasted time, wasted materials, labour, space, movement and poor quality are what needs to be removed. Carl Atkin also talked about progressive curriculum models and how we need to face head on the challenges of AI and automation. The visit shows that educators have something to learn from other sectors and the visit will help the Exec Team develop Lean solutions for our schools. Simple solutions can be beneficial in any processes to obtain optimum working.

The five principles are considered a recipe for improving workplace efficiency and include: 1) defining value, 2) mapping the value stream, 3) creating flow, 4) using a pull system, and 5) pursuing perfection.

British Science Week 2020

There has been some amazing lessons in science this term, with bath bombs, hovercrafts, fingerprint forensics.