Our Vision & Values






Our vision:

To open minds, creating opportunities for all to believe in themselves, achieve their potential and develop the skills needed to succeed and enjoy life.


Our values:

We are driven by our values of ambition, integrity, inclusivity,endeavour and resilience. We are proud of our culture and are embedding these values right across all our academies,so that they are embraced by leaders, teachers, staff, parents and students. Our values are fundamental to the way in which all the schools in the Trust operate on a day-to-day basis.They compel us to show up each day and offer our best to our pupils, colleagues, parents and the broader community.


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Kerry Stopps - Bramble

Receiving award for Endeavour






Louise Parker - Harlow

Receiving The CEO Award






Scott Rogers - Beech

Receiving award for Inclusivity






Craig Foster - Brunts

Receiving award for Endeavour






Alex Lindsey

Receiving award for Inclusivity





Kathryn Johnson - Beech

Receiving award for Ambition






Anita Buffrey - Harlow

Reciving award for Integrity

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