Claire- Marie Cuthbert - CEO

Claire-Marie Cuthbert is currently the enthusiastic CEO of The Evolve Trust and has over 15 years of leadership experience in some of the country’s most challenging schools including both primary and secondary contexts. She graduated from Sunderland University with a first class honours degree in education and began her teaching career on Teeside. From there Claire-Marie became a trouble shooter for failing schools across the country and also advised the DfE and QCDA on innovative curriculum models and personalised pathways for students. In addition to this she has also worked for Ofsted and has over a decade of inspection experience. Claire-Marie is nationally recognised for her commitment to social mobility and improving life chances of young people through quality first teaching and outstanding leadership.

She has co-authored books and many articles and journals on Teaching and Learning as well as various pieces on transformational leadership. She is a multi-award winner and has numerous accolades for her work including Female CEO of the Year 2019, EMWA Award, as well as a GESS International Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education. Claire-Marie has recently been awarded Teacher/Academic Director 2020 by Lead 5050 WIE.