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These donations really mount up and make a BIG difference to us. The following gives you further information on what the donations will be used for:

Renovation of the outside space at The Beech Academy

It is so important that our students enjoy their time outside during the school day, benefiting their mental health and physical wellbeing along with creating learning opportunities out of the classroom. We want to create an environment where students can enjoy their break times with their friends. We would like to replace the seating and the old worn out play equipment and introduce some new ones, for example a new table tennis table and some exercise equipment. A new canopy by the astro pitch is also needed to ensure full use of the pitch and enable the students to enjoy outdoor sports in all weathers.

To expand the selection of books in the recently renovated library at The Brunts Academy

An enjoyment of reading is one of the most profoundly important gifts any teacher can give a young person and we are all aware of how important reading for pleasure for both educational purposes as well as personal development is. Our newly renovated library is shaping up to be an amazing space for our students, with its Alice in Wonderland theme, however the selection of books needs expanding. We would like to ensure a balance of genres, incorporating a wide selection of books which inform our students, intrigue them and stay with them long after they finish the last page. We want our school library to be a safe haven for all students to think, create, share and grow giving our children a wide range of cultural, social, academic and emotional experiences, developing a love for reading.

To support a Residential Trip for Year 5 and 6 at The Bramble Academy

We believe it is imperative that children at The Bramble Academy are able to access residential experiences while at school with us. Residential trips aid the personal development of pupils through taking a child away from home and embracing the world without their parents. Many children are away from their parents for the first time on school trips, which aids social development through creating strong bonds with their peers, provides team building activities encouraging pupils to work together, building skills such as teamwork and communication. However, without your support many of our pupils at Bramble will not have the opportunity to experience this.

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The Evolve Trust wants to make a real difference to our community by providing a Community Hub which offers a relaxed, familiar space for local people and an opportunity for them to access other services at the same time, involving local people in the running and operation to support the creation of a thriving community.

A Community Hub will:

  • Be a one stop shop for the community, where parents can access advice on health, jobs and learning as well as offering further education.
    Provide a focal point for local people to meet, providing a sense of community.
  • Provide opportunities for community engagement, volunteering.
  • Deliver activities that directly address community needs and help community members live happy, healthy and economically thriving lives.
  • Provide an extensive programme for adult learning with courses running.
  • To put communities at the heart of service delivery in the local area and involves local partners within a neighbourhood coming together with local people to identify and work on the issues that matter most to them.
  • Provide community based parental support initiatives offering help or advice on parenting, additionally promoting resources to support their child’s development,
  • Improve health and wellbeing – address preventable public health issues such as smoking, obesity, drug and alcohol misuse and teenage pregnancy rates. Focus on promotion of good health and on prevention so that people are empowered to take responsibility for their health and to lead healthy lives.
  • To co-host events with other partners to give access to public services.

The set-up of a community hub requires rental costs, furniture fit out, resources such as books, IT equipment – these are all areas where your donations would be used.

We thank you for taking an interest in the Evolve Trust story. All donations would be truly welcome and if you would like to discuss further please contact Dawn Pare, Community Engagement and Marketing Lead,

Thank you so much!