Strategic School Improvement

The Evolve Trust is an exceptional Trust, which provides an excellent education for local children. We are a family of schools who work collaboratively together to achieve the best possible outcomes for the young people we serve. The trust has a proven track record of sustained school improvement led by an outstanding education team.

Our strategic School Improvement offer focuses on enabling and building capacity within organisations. Strategic school improvement planning and Self Evaluation are supported by senior Trust staff, including Ofsted trained individuals. ‘Quality Assurance’ activities engage a range of stakeholders and inform targeted and specialised Quality Support to bring about impact and desired outcomes for young people.

Our experienced school improvement team will support and challenge schools in a range of whole school issues which include:

  • senior and middle leadership development;
  • moderation;
  • Ofsted: pre and post Ofsted response;
  • strong management systems – target setting, whole school assessment, development planning and school self-evaluation;
  • facilitating the development of strategies for narrowing the gap and ensuring the highest outcomes for learners covering the full spectrum of abilities from vulnerable groups through to gifted and talented learners;
  • SEND/Inclusion/Pupil Premium health checks and reviews

This is all underpinned by a rich continuous professional development offer for ALL staff