Fellowship Programme in partnership with Nottingham Trent University

Who: Established teachers and leaders who complete the application process

When: Dates throughout the academic year

Where: The Evolve Trust Head Office


Participants will complete the following:

Evidence Based Action Research (Approximate guidance)

Summary of findings (Abstract) (250 words)

1) Contextual information about your area of research in relation to your subject area what you will be covering (150 words)

2) The aims (100 words)

3) Data analysis including pre/during and post action research (3 pages)

4) Conclusion (250 words)

5) Next steps (100 words)

The Programme:

In order to complete the accredited pathway, participants will also complete what is listed below and this will be assessed by examiners at Nottingham Trent University. Successful staff will need to submit a report in consultation with NTU. Key features include:

‘Professional Development: Impact and Dissemination’ module and have access to NTU online/physical library.

The total word count for the 30 Credits is 5,000 words. This is broken down into the following components:

1) A short researched paper on the context of the proposed area of Action Research.

2) A dissemination tool to share your new knowledge, e.g. a short briefing paper for governors or a power point for colleagues.

3) Analysis of the impact of the Action on your professional practice

4) Reflection of the Action Research on your professional learning.

Staff will receive an allocated fund to spend on any resource they feel is appropriate to support the project.