Book and Journal Club

The Evolve Trust book club has been a resounding success this year and has focussed on Kate Jones’ ‘Love to Teach’ as a core text. The book club involves staff from across Trust reading a book containing the latest pedagogical thinking; putting the ideas into practice in their respective classrooms and completing a reflection log to critically reflect upon the key messages in the book and what this means for classroom practice. This has enabled staff to become more evident and research-informed and ensures the best possible opportunities for our students. Every half-term we meet up over some tea and coffee and discuss our experiences with the text and our classroom practice. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share and develop one’s pedagogy in a collaborative manner.

Kate Jones has taken a keen interest in how the reading club has taken shape; what the staff are thinking and how this is having an impact on their professional practice. The Evolve Trust reading club even features on one of her PodCasts – Episode 7 ‘Creating a reading culture amongst teachers in schools’.

Kate is also the keynote speaker for the Trust PLD Day.

Next academic year, we’ll be looking at CRAFT by Michael Chiles.