Our Rewards

Our brilliant teachers, support staff and leaders share a commitment to providing a first class education to the children within their schools and as a Trust we strive to ensure that our provision enables every child to fulfil their potential. As an employer we know that our people are the key to our success and for this reason believe in creating great places to work where people feel supported and encouraged to be the best they can possibly be. 

The Evolve Trust is an exciting and rewarding place to work and we value our people.


Evolver of the Month

We are going to be recognising the amazing things our staff do, by awarding Evolver of the Month!

Each month we will focus on one of our core values and the associated behaviours and staff will have the opportunity to nominate a colleague who has stood out for living one or more of these behaviours.

 This month we will focus on AMBITION, so we welcome nominations for a member of staff who has demonstrated that they:

  • Are ambitious for all – students, the academies and the Trust, community and staff
  • Go above and beyond to give our students the understanding, skills & the knowledge to forge their best possible future
  • Strive for everyone to become the best versions of themselves
  • Set consistently high expectations for our students and each other

The winners will receive a £25 voucher to enjoy at Il Rosso.

Nominations should be made via email to awalker@evolvetrust.org and should include the name of the person you would like to nominate, and an explanation of how they have lived one or more of the expected behaviours associated with AMBITION.

Staff only have one nomination each month, so they need to think hard about who they believe deserves a chance of being crowned Evolver of the Month!

The nominations will be reviewed by The Evolve Trust's new Culture Committee and the winner will be announced at the end of October. More news to follow on the Culture Committee shortly.

 All nominations must be submitted by the end of play on Friday the 15th of October.


Pin Badge Reward Scheme

Having an employee reward scheme in place allows us to say “thank you” to a member of staff, for a job well done, recognising staff for going the extra mile or living and breathing our values.

Our pin badge reward scheme has been developed to show our staff how much they are appreciated, and also as a way of the young people in our academies being able to see that their teachers are ambitious and hardworking. 

Values Award

The values certificate and gold star pin badge is awarded to staff across the Trust in recognition of alignment to the Trust Values.

Living and breathing our Trust values day in and day out is of key importance to us, and this award gives us the opportunity to recognise amazing behaviours demonstrated by all staff which underpin these values.

A values award is issued every half term and is announced in the Evolve Weekly on the last Friday before the end of half term. 

High Five Award

A ‘High Five’ certificate and pin badge is awarded to a member of staff who has gone above and beyond in their role. The award recognises outstanding effort and can be given to any member of staff across the trust who go the extra mile in their role.

Staff nominate their colleagues for this award and one nomination from each academy is submitted by the Principal. Our CEO reviews these and awards the winner. This is awarded once a week and is announced in the Evolve Weekly newsletter.

Innovation in Education Award

The innovation pin badge is awarded to members of staff across the trust who think outside the box in order to provide exciting and engaging learning experiences for our young people. This award encourages staff to think broader than the here and now, and to adapt their practice to prepare our pupils for life and jobs of the future.

Nominations for the Innovation award are reviewed monthly as part of the Headship Institute, and those chosen for the award may be asked to share their practice with other members of staff across the trust.


Attendance Award

A 100% attendance certificate and pin badge are given to our staff who have had no absences throughout the academic year.

These are awarded to staff by the CEO at the end of the academic year. 

Leadership Award

This award is for senior leaders who attend the Trust’s Headship Institute and engage with the latest research, encompassing the best practice on leadership.

Senior Leaders who attend Today’s Leaders, Tomorrow’s Heads programme also receive this award. This intensive leadership programme is based on latest research and provides the opportunity to put theory into practice through challenging and thought-provoking practical assignments.

Research Award

The Research Award is given to staff who engage with high quality research into educational and leadership practice through reading of core texts and journals. The aim is to encourage development both professionally and personally. 

Digital Leaders

Digital leaders are members of staff who are committed to the development of ICT within the curriculum across the trust. These individuals form a working group who will assist with the implementation of the Trust’s ICT strategy.   

First Aid Award

The First Aider pin badge is awarded to members of staff who have undertaken first aid training on behalf of the trust.

This is awarded in recognition of the commitment to keeping our young people safe whilst in our care. We understand and appreciate that staff often have to put themselves in uncomfortable situations in order to help pupils that need assistance.

This badge also helps identify members of staff who are trained in first aid. 

Thank a Teacher / Associate Staff

The Evolve Trust recognises annually the thank a teacher / associate staff member days. This is the perfect time to reflect on the amazing work staff do for our young people day in and day out. The impact of the work transforms the life chances of young people across the trust.

World Teacher Day

The Evolve Trust celebrates World Teachers’ Day - we take this occasion to devote appreciation to our teachers.

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”.

- Nelson Mandela

Annual Staff Awards 

The Evolve Trust hosts annual black tie evenings to recognise and celebrate members of staff who have consistently demonstrated our core values. Nominations are given by Trust Headteachers and Claire-Marie Cuthbert awards her own prestigious values award. Winners are presented with certificates and trophies for each of the five values.